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View Application SD22B/0521

View Application SD22B/0521

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Submission Type:
New Application
Closing Date for Submissions:
Danio Joseph
70, St. Joseph's Road, Greenhills, Dublin 12
Proposed Development:
Widen pedestrian access to create a vehicular access and hard standing parking area to the front; Retention of single storey extensions to rear; Retention of garage to the rear and permission for the Change of Use to quiet room, wet room and play room.
Decision Due:


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Received File Type
09/12/2022 Application - Cover Letter Adobe PDF
09/12/2022 Application Form - Part A Adobe PDF
09/12/2022 Elevations
& lane way
Adobe PDF
09/12/2022 Elevations
Adobe PDF
09/12/2022 Newspaper Notice Adobe PDF
09/12/2022 Sections Adobe PDF
09/12/2022 Site Layout Adobe PDF
09/12/2022 Site location map Adobe PDF
09/12/2022 Site Notice Adobe PDF
20/01/2023 Report Received from Internal Staff
Adobe PDF
13/02/2023 Chief Executives Order
Grant Permission & Grant Retention
Adobe PDF
13/02/2023 Notification of Decision Letters
Grant Permission & Grant Retention
Adobe PDF
27/03/2023 Final Grant Adobe PDF
31/03/2023 Chief Executives Order
Amending Order
Adobe PDF